Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What to do what to do...

So this month I am going to set a fabulous Valentines Table...and throw an awesome Toga party for 2 super cool friends Birthday's, but... I am also thinking of hosting an Oscar party... the only problem is that the Oscar's are on a Sunday, don't the Oscar people realize how much we all want to get dressed up and drink some very cheap champagne and watch the stars when awards and make ridiculous speeches?? What would you do? Have you done this before...on a Sunday??

***I have decided to pass on the Oscar party, as sad as it makes me it just may be a party to save til next year!


  1. Good for vday cards

    Also, check out

  2. Yes...uh...the ones you sent me today were ridiculous..ridiculously funny!! I will be checking them out!!

  3. I was at hobby lobby yesterday and they have those pillar things for the toga party. they were pricy but they were 30% off. here anyway, hopefully there too!

  4. Good to know I will heading over there this weekend with my 40% off coupon I snagged online :) Thanks!