Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Moving Chronicles...Part 2

So yesterday "V" and I sat down and tried to hammer out dates and such for the upcoming move...we thought we had it all figured out and figured out well...that is until I got back to my office and called the kids school district to find out the earliest the kids can be pulled out of school and considered as passing their current grades is 10 day's before the end of the school year. Well this threw us off big time as we were looking at pulling them out 3 weeks before the end of the school year... so yeah anyway as I'm sure you can imagine I panicked and we've since changed all of our dates again to work around the school needless to say our trip to Disney World has been interrupted by my children's I'm just kidding really I am not upset in the least that I will not be riding the updated version of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or the ever so multi-cultural it's all a small world ride...oh and Mickey Mouse hat's are sooo over rated...there's not a bitter bone in my body....

Is passing 8th grade really that important???

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