Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life in the world of V

Life has been chaotic to say the least. In the last two weeks I have survived an ice storm that just about did me in, the boys and I have the flu and puking all over the house in the middle of the night thanks with no electricity to be able to see the puke I was trying to clean up. After the flu I lost 13lbs and could not eat for about a week, which was great until I ate my first hamburger and put all 13lbs back on. I'm an idiot.

We've also been going through some rough times with the Army side of our life. It's hard for me to handle these things when he is so far away. My husband I'm sure it goes without saying is very important to me and I tend to bring the claws out when he's being attacked and unfortunately my claws are getting tired from being out for far to long.

My oldest is finally out of his cast which we were all really excited about until we realized that he still would not be able to walk properly for a while and is still using his crutches. This frustrating for all of us.

Today was my daughters 12th birthday. Her father sent her 3 beautiful roses to school where she burst into tears but was very happy.

Tomorrow is my youngest sons 8th birthday. It's all been a lot to handle trying to deal with my kids growing older while their dad is gone.

Now we are gearing up for our Christmas weekend of fun, I have promised my children a weekend devoted to them no work, no FRG, no drama from the outside sources that usually provide it. First though is my company's Christmas party which last year provided nothing but fun, can you say OPEN BAR??

Monday, December 10, 2007

The God's Must Be Crazy!

So last night I brought home a new dog... let me introduce you to Angus (on the left) he is a very sweet 6 month old pure bred dapple Dachsund. Ollie (on the right) really digs Angus, Angus is reserving judgment on Ollie. Life should be interesting around these parts for quite some time.

Please ignore the mountains of clothes behind them, I am trying to hang up a crap load of laundry.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is this high school or politics? Or is there a difference?

I found this story rather amusing, and strangely gets me excited at the prospect of bringing Bill Clinton back to the White House even without Hillary there. But if she does not get the party nomination and Obama does would Bill stand by his woman and not accept the position?

Obama to Offer Bill Clinton a Job?

As the presidential campaign winds its way down to the Iowa caucuses, the verbal sparring between candidates has grown more personal in nature. On the Democratic side of the equation, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been calling each other out by name on a regular basis, Hillary questioning Obama's experience, and Obama wondering aloud about Clinton's judgment. So it may come as a surprise, that in the midst of this rhetorical warming period, who Obama has declared he would offer a position in his administration. Answer? None other than Hillary's hubby, Bill.

During an interview with Time magazine, Obama was asked if he'd consider hiring the former president.

A job for Hillary, as well? Not so much. During a chat with ABC news earlier this week, Obama leveled some not-so-veiled-criticism of the New York senator's claim of having ample experience by way of comparison to his own wife, Michelle.

"I don't think Michelle would claim that she is the best qualified person to be a United States senator by virtue of me talking to her on occasion about the work that I've done,"

Hillary counters that her eight years in the White House were not just about photo-ops with school kids. Rather, she declares herself as having been, "fully immersed in the daily operation of the West Wing." In other words, as we all known by now, when Bill was elected, she got a job, too.

Another person who might be hired if Obama manages to defeat the former First Lady is former Vice President, Al Gore. In response to Time asking about Gore, however, Obama stated that he would wait an additional :59 seconds after hiring Bill before taking on Al, as well.

Would you offer him [Gore] a job in an Obama Administration?
In a minute.

So you see, a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Clinton/Gore, while vote for Hillary is also a vote for Bill, but maybe not Al. Since only one of the two candidates can win, I think it's safe to say each should play it safe, and not quit his or her day job. Bill's prospects, on the other hand, are looking damn good.

I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-Shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I'm here to party.

So last night I volunteered once again to host a "get together" for a bunch of Army Wives.

I have to come up with a theme.

So I'm lame

I'm thinking a wii sports party, something about watching a bunch of Army wives punch each other out while boxing even if it is virtually, sounds like a lot of fun!

Christmas Puke Outside

Christmas Puke Inside