Monday, May 5, 2008

Halfway There

So we're now halfway through this ridiculously long deployment and it should be a relief but somehow I just feel bummed because it's not over yet. These deployments are way too long. It will be a huge chunk out of our lives that he will have missed and it's stuff that we can't get back and no matter how much we chat or email or send pictures there are just something that don't convey and don't get share. My older children are teenagers now and have all the teenage issues that come along with the lovely part of life and my youngest is in emotional upheavel waiting for bad news about his father. No matter how hard I try I cannot shield them from the effects and news stories of this senseless war and we all live in fear that something terrible could happen at any moment. Living like this for us for such a long time will certainly have an effect and I can't imagine living in such fear for so long will once again do to my husband. I hope for my children's sake we will make choices that will protect them from having to deal with these atrocities.