Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My attempt at Marthaness

So this weekend I found a set of 3 frames in the "$1" bins at Target while out shopping...I also found some super cute Valentine gift wrap, so I thought it would be super cute if I decoupaged the frames with the Valentines Gift wrap.

I got the frames all ready to spray paint black

After Painting I watched "V" cook us a yummy dinner

And create a cool smoke effect

After dinner "V" made me laugh and kept me entertained while I impatiently waited for the frames to dry...he's a funny guy that "V"

no really really, he's seriously older than me...waaayyyy older than me

I may have peed myself a bit when I looked at the picture afterwards and noticed his awesome chin moves...you rock my world babe!

finally the frames were all dry

so I got out my super cool Valentines wrapping paper and cut out the words I liked the most and arranged them in a pattern around the frames
Then I got out the magical gloop that was supposed to make all of my decoupage dreams come true

I even got a paper plate from this party out...which I thought was cool because the color of the paper plate matched the whole "project"

I slathered the goop all over my "arranged project" and waited and waited

but it looked kind of sloppy to me...and I know that I should be patient and wait...but I already knew I hated it...I mean it looks like a project I would have done when I was a teen and ripping articles out magazines to make my bulletin board cooler in my room...so I washed it all off...in my sink..under my faucet...probably not at all something I should have done in the name of craftiness, but hey it worked..and then I was back to this...

So I was bummed and cleaning up...left with only the black frames I was thinking that there was no way I was going to let my $1 go to waste and that I would somehow make use of these plain black frames...I went to put up the super awesome Valentine's wrapping paper in my wrapping paper holder when I spied another super cool roll of wrapping paper I picked up at Hallmark over a year ago for around a $1...and so I'm a genius!

And I sloppily cut out 3 different versions from the paper and sloppily placed them in the frames...and I LOVE IT!

You can't tell but the wrapping paper is flocked(?) and so the black flowers are raised with a felt like texture

The one above is my favorite

The best part is that I already had these empty sad little nails in my wall which means sooo much, since we're renters and I can avoid putting holes in walls I will need to patch up before our move in a few short months...not that I wouldn't have hung up these lovely ladies any way...

So the moral is I may not be able to join any crafter's guild, but I love it and the fact that I can say I made it means so much more...I kind of understand the whole Etsy movement now!


  1. Haha. Very funny!! And, I love the outcome! AND....you can use them all year not just in the monnth of February!

  2. Yeah that's what I was thinking in the end...I'm going today to get a "Valentines" table cloth and then decorate a bit for that holiday, lol

  3. Hey there could be worse things...plus they're cool..and I like them...and...well...just shut it! Blah!!