Friday, February 6, 2009

Not my best effort

I am working on my sub par effort at decorating for Valentines this year...if you can't tell from my post below I'm kind of busy, I haven't even figured out what to get "V" this year...apparently his super expensive new golf clubs don't count since he paid for them...I don't see the issue...anyway while "V" and I were out shopping at Target I found some cute Valentines Day scrapbook paper in the $1 bins so I snagged it and just threw together stuff I already had at the house...most of the found objects came from the Twilight Party..thankfully "V" is now seeing how I multi-purpose all the items he complains about me buying! Below are the sub par results

Oh I also picked up more Christmas Balls for eighty-nine cents a box of 12 from Pier1!! Now I will be able to make this cool wall art piece next year with the perfect colored balls!!!


  1. Your Valentine's decorations are great - not even close to sub par! Great job!

    And I totally LOVE a great bargain!

    So glad you stopped by my blog - I love making new friends!

  2. Very awesome..btw, you just had someone from ireland on your page 1 1/2 hrs ago. i am SOO jealous! :)