Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holy cow...

So it's almost time for the Toga party...and guess what in true fashion, I have yet to get much done...shoot at this point "V" and I will be Toga-less. So I need to get on it and get things done. I need to get the food together, decorations, drinks, music, and togas, oh and Olympic style medals for Toga contest favors...

Have you ever thrown a Toga party or even thought of throwing a Toga party? If so throw some ideas my a girl out, and if it's DIY and inexpensive even better!!!


  1. Toga Party!!! How fun! I have never thrown one, or really been to one. But I think it sounds really cool!


  2. Hey your comment on my blog. yes, I did live in Germany and then in KS...and we're in SC now. I'm trying like heck to place you...we were likely on groups together as well...

  3. Really any white fabric and lots of safety pins!! Make sure to get thin gold rope to tie around your waste & those hemp sandals work really well, if not, just sandals or heels with gold. :)