Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't be jealous!!!!

I never win anything.....until today!!!

I was poking around all of my Blog Subscriptions and poked over to see the girls at 2 Clever Blog...and holy cow I saw that I won a GORGEOUS necklace!!!! It's been a bad afternoon(I've been cranky with "V") so what a FANTASTIC pick me up. I am CRAZY excited!!!!

Of course if I had logged into Blogger earlier I would have seen that Pink had left me a this whole job thing is really getting in the way of my blogging....

So here's the new necklace that you will see me styling EVERYWHERE I go...And you can get one if you want to look as good as I will at The Passionate Collector oh and just FYI I am also picking up this because it will look GORGEOUS with my new Leopard Print Vintage Looking Fake Fur (that "V" bought me even if I'm grouchy a lot) and then this would definitely be a sweet addition and HOLY COW I LOVE THIS! It may be the next thing I buy!!!!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful contest it made me Think back and I'm tickled Pink!


  1. Way cute necklace! Congratulations!!

  2. E-

    Please get in touch so we can send you your necklace. Email me at