Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Moving Chronicles...

So I am starting to feel the crunch...but not as bad as I thought I would. I figured by now I would be a complete wreck at the thought of moving again and trying to get everything together. Here is a list of my current worries and questions about this move...

  1. Find a house...I think this may be the first time we're attempting to rent a house over the Internet...which still seems nutty
  2. Finalize the actual traveling process... we still need to go to our transportation office and set up dates to have all of our worldly belongings moved...we also still need to make the final decision on weather "V" will be driving back here with his car after his school or straight to Virginia and flying back. I also need to map out our trip from here to Virginia and plan our stops and hopefully some cool sight seeing trips. We also need to make the decision on weather to visit our family in Florida and spend some time at Disney World.
  3. Of course none of the above can happen without my figuring out what day I will quit my job and when we will be pulling the kids out of school... in an apparent delusional state I mis-judged the kids last day at school so now I have an upset teenage girl who has realized she will not be with her friends on the last day of school. I've also always worked up until the last minute with our previous moves and I just don't feel the need for that kind of pressure so picking a quit day is proving harder than I thought.
Hopefully I will be able to get it all together in the next few days and finalize some of these plans once and for all, it will at least make me feel like I'm accomplishing something...

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  1. Hi! What a cute place you have here! I liked reading your list. Your shoes are fantastic! And the pesto chicken pizza sounds divine.

    It looks like you had a great Valentines. So nice to meet you!