Friday, February 6, 2009

The Great Overland Station!

Welcome to the Great Overland Station! This is definitely a place I would love to throw a party in!

My camera decided to be blue that day-unfortunately because it was so bright outside I didn't notice til I uploaded the pictures...and well to be honest I was to lazy to photoshop them.
Who doesn't want to see me getting out of the car?? That "V" is so goo d at taking bizarre pictures
What a pretty building! I can almost see all of the travelers back in the station's original day's getting ready for their trip!
This flag decided to fly so nicely for us on a "light wind" Kansas day!

Super cool display! I love seeing the duffel bag there! During the countries Major War's many Soldier's came through the Great Overland Station on their way to fight for our country in far away land's!
They had this crazy cool miniature train display set up, with some very strange town inhabitants...

Check out Mickeys directing traffic...what kind of cool town would have that going on..and wait...there's a kid skateboarding down the middle of the street...where are his parents???
Looks like Pork Pig may have scared a cat into a tree...he definitely would have scared me..I mean really a talking suit wearing pig???
I frequently have helicopters landing in my realistic...
Ok who wouldn't wanted to show up to this crazy wedding??? I mean all of the Disney Princesses were there!

Check out the drunk wino...oh but don't worry he's well taken care of by the street walker over there on the left waiting for him...
Hey look at the cute train 14 he may kill me for this picture.... just may have way to much time on your hands if you can make a gingerbread replica of this huge train station...
Krazy M
Oh wait back to "Crazy Town"
Thanks "V" you sure do know how to take flattering pics of me!
Cool poster's!
"V" is a watch collector, this expandable band is something he's been looking for so of course he had to have a picture..
This guy here had a rough time at the Train Station...hopefully some time in the future he will think it was cool we brought him...
Super cool lantern collection!
The details we found while walking the train station were pretty cool Love it!
My daughter and I have put in a request to "V" to have this same Chandelier in our next house when we move...should be easy to find this in a rental....
They were setting up for a party while we were there!

What a cool lighting fixture...I could totally see it in a little boys room!
Oh can you guess who took this lovely pic of me?? If you guessed "V" you're right! Thanks again babe for letting everyone know what a luck guy you are!
Oh no! Someone call PRS the place is haunted!!
We could not get a nice picture from this guy and when we finally thought we would the sun was tooo bright!
Again I love these chandeliers!
CRazy town again!
This was super cool!
Apparently when this train is all put together 14 people can rid on it! And it runs only on steam!!
Crazy girl, I love her so much...but I could like without her wearing the fangs EVERYWHERE!
Oops, wish granted! See the one on the left falling out!

Cool Guy in his "Blue Phase"
So we spied a super cool Catholic Church on our way home
And "V" took some sweet pics...notice how the sweet pics aren't of me...hmmm...

Happy travelers
Love the headphones!

I really liked this one!

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