Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just racking up the awards

So for the last 3+ years I have been the Family Readiness Group leader for my husband's company. It's been hard and rewarding work. This is the largest company we have ever been in, at times there have been up to 150 families and 300 Soldiers in the Company...which is HUGE. I helped to start the FRG here from scratch after this unit moved from Germany, I went through pre-deployment, deployment, and now post deployment along with all of the training and daily Army stuff that has gone along with it. It's so good to be hanging up the hat and be rid of the MAJOR responsibility of it all. I'm ready for the break. It's definitely bittersweet to let go of something I gave a lot of time to, but I'm tired and we're moving and geez "V" hasn't even been in this Company for over a year so what was I still doing as the FRG leader. It hasn't been easy and there were times where people have been really mad at me, but I honestly did it all to help Army families and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I was though recognized recently on quite a few different fact in appx. 7 day's I received 3 awards and have 1 more to can see all of the pictures below
This was an award I received from AAAA(Army Aviation Association of America) it's called the Order of our Lady of Loreto , I was awarded this along with 2 other amazing Army spouses!

The second Award for help with our recent Battalion Ball...this one was not as deserved because I sat out most of the planning for the planning for this Ball but I was honored to be recognized anyway

The last Award I received last night from our Army Post. It was the Installation Volunteer of the Quarter Award..once again I was very honored

I found out last night I have one more award to go next week, and hopefully then I will be all set! As honored as I am I would rather fly under the radar, at least when it comes to awards, so I will be glad when we're all done!

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