Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You just can't make this stuff up...

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The other day "V" and I went to a neighboring Army Post to see if we could score any deals at their PX ( Shopping Center). This post happens to be a training post where a lot of the Soldiers that used to work for and around my husband will at one time or another be sent for additional training. We were in the check out line behind a guy, who kept looking at "V" and I recognized from the Army post we just left. He asked "V" if he knew him and "V" said yes they were in the same unit together just recently, the guy was instantly made aware and even said my husband's last name, he then turned and looked at me, now mind you I was standing right next to "V" we were even talking, and asked me if I was another Soldier's wife from the old unit. WHAT?????? How would that possibly make any sense? One I do not look like this particular wife at all, and two what in the heck would I be doing shopping with "V". The guy was obviously not all there...even "V" was like what just happened??? It's probably one of those things you would have to be there for, but believe me the whole thing was so weird it had us talking for days!!

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