Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Take a Tour Tuesday

Ok Shawn over at Seriously has a super cool new "game" to play...and since I'm a voyeur only in the way that I love to see how other people live and decorate and function in their own homes and I am moving into a new one of my own I figured it would be a lot of fun to join in! 

Below are pictures of our Family Room at the back of our house. It's a long awkward "bowling alley" of a room and I don't have the furniture right now to fill it up...but I have a few ideas.

I love that the room opens up into the kitchen and breakfast nook. I could live without the wood stove, but I say that now during the summer...maybe in the winter I will love it more. 

I originally loved these book shelves when I first saw the house. I still do except for the fact that they seem to be in the way. Out of the 5 TV's we own none will fit in the shelf, so we will probably by another one in the future to fill in the big gaping hole. Staging these shelves's was a real challenge and to say they're staged eclectically would be putting it mildly. 
I do LOVE these doors. They open up into a very wooded and private backyard and I think it's a gorgeous view. When we moved into the house there were blue and white very heavy curtains hung up, so I switched them out for these. They may not stay, they are curtains I had from a previous house 2 moves ago. I do like how they don't obstruct the light or the view though.

This is the view from the kitchen, it's the space in the middle that is giving me the hardest time. I am tempted to put a pub table in that space. Of course "V" would like a pool table there and while I'm not completely opposed to the idea I wouldn't want it to be to big.

Ok, this was fun, and remember we're still unpacking so the house is a wreck!


  1. What a beautiful home. I love the wood floors and the beautiful deck. How fun it will be to decorate it and make it your own!


  2. Nice house! We know where you can pick up some furniture, The Funky Junk Sisters Show! We are having a giveaway, so stop by our blog to enter!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters