Thursday, June 18, 2009

Every last furniture store in town!

Ok this room seriously needs some furniture and a makeover! So in the next 7 days I am going to try and do that...on a budget...

I've been to every furniture store I could find..

I loved this couch, it was surprisingly comfortable...

I loved this material!

This sofa was FABULOUS!!!!
The red velvet is just too cool!
But this one...this one was LOVE!!
Unfortunately I don't think "V" would have loved it as much as "M" and I did
But we didn't pick any of those...instead "V" picked out what he wanted...lately he's been grumbling a bit about how nothing in the house is his taste...I find this hard to believe since he picked out a lot of the art work with me and our last bedroom set, but WHATEVER...I'm such a FABULOUS wife that I let him pick out this room's furniture...

It won't arrive until next week and so I am going to leave it as a surprise! We still need to pick out table and lighting for the room, but it will all happen soon enough!

Ok off to get my HUGE bunch of paint samples!!

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