Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wish you were here...

Ok, so during my 14 year marriage I have moved A LOT! So I think I'm a pretty good at it. This move has been great, the house is almost unpacked, it's cost us a fortune but all in all we're ok with it. We love our new area and especially our new neighborhood. The only draw back to this move is that I can't physically share all of my excitement of this place with my new friends. I left a lot of GREAT friends behind when I moved out here and I miss them. I miss walking outside my front door and seeing a neighbor I could chat with, I miss knowing every day even while "V" was deployed that I could have company of the adult persuasion. This neighborhood is fantastic, but I don't think it will be the same neighborhood I left. This is the stinky part about being an Army Family, on this move everyone of us including the dog left a friend that was very important to them, I can honestly say I think this is the first move that has happened. I know life needs to move on and thankfully Facebook allows me to keep in contact with my friends,  I still miss them.

In other Army Wife news, I also miss being a part of the on post social networking that goes on through certain groups. Don't get me wrong I don't want to be the leader of a group of 300 wives again, but I am thinking of joining the spouses club on the "V's" new post if only to get a chance to meet other wives whose husband has what seems to be as crazy a job as "V's" new job seems to be. 

Ok, off to finish the last of the unpacking, get the kitchen ready for the new refrigerator(I will post a pic or 2 later) and then we're off to a Pirate Festival woo hoo! I'm sure it's no Gasparilla like I'm used to but it still sounds like fun!

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