Saturday, June 27, 2009

E's steps to a deck update!

So I love our backyard but I really felt that the deck was not very inviting! And since I am trying to be economical "M" and I ran out yesterday and grabbed a bunch of plants and flowers on clearance at Wal Mart! We're hoping to eventually pick up a "conversation set" for the half of the deck the table isn't on, but I will be waiting for the end of the season sales to save money!

Step 1.- Start with a disheveled deck!
Step 2.- Raid the Clearance Garden Section of your local big box store...if you're like me you will pay no attention to the plant's instructions and even what their names are and pick them up only based on their price and looks...

Step 3.- Find some minions to do your planting for sure you stand around taking pictures all while yelling out commands like "More Soil" and "Hurry Up, it's hot!"
Step 4.- Open up the umbrella your fabulous husband picked up on discount a few weeks before and be sure to add the clip-on solar lantern umbrella lights you've been saving for the last 9 months after seeing them on sale at Sears!

Step 5.- Squeeze into the corner of the deck and try to get a good shot with your camera of the opposite corner of the deck...this will allow you to show off how you shoved plants into every last corner of the deck!

Step.6- Sweet if you've picked up on things by now you're now in another corner of the deck so that you can take a picture of the side of the deck you were previously shoved into!

Step 7.- This is the easy part stand at the door and take a picture of the flower boxes that came together surprisingly  well! If you're like me you will especially love the purple "Sweet Potato" vines falling out of the end of the boxes!

Step 8, 9, & 10- Take more gratuitous pictures of the plants and realize you're too lazy and don't have the brain power to blog about them all... at that point combine all of the steps into one sentence...

Step 11.- Stand on the steps and take one last picture of the gorgeous orange umbrella, not realizing that your body is showing up amazingly mis-shapen in a reflection from the french doors...

Step. 12- Relax, enjoy the quick & easy (especially if you have minions do all of the work) update of your deck!

I really do enjoy the deck a whole lot more! Now I'm just hoping I can keep the plants and flowers alive better than I have in the past! All tips will be greatly appreciated!



  1. Miracle Grown the dickens outta 'em! :)

    LOVE it! Nice work! It looks so inviting.

    Dear hubby and I went through the same exercise a few weeks ago. Yippee for you guys. You'll love it more and more everyday. :)

  2. Great Job!

    I just moved (carried up the deck stairs by myself) my table, chairs and umbrella to the top level of my deck that is right outside the kitchen. I thought it looked better there and I like eating dinner out there better because I don't have to walk so far with food and when I have to run in and out of the house.

    My husband said I was just lazy.....whatev!

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  4. Looks GREAT! I have been using a spray plant food that works really well! (Might be Miracle Grow) It is a bottle that you attach to your hose, I use it once a month. One bottle lasts me a couple of uses.

    I love the deck and your yard, amazing! It looks very relaxing and inviting, lots of fun to be had out there for sure! :)