Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cupcake Saturday!

I am late! As always! I had a HUGE day! And I am squeaking in on Saucy's Cupcake Saturday!!! I LOVE this idea and I was going to make the perfect CupCakes just for today, but then I've made sooo many that I already love that I wanted to feature them again :) So here goes!!

Oh and go check out Cupcake Saturday for yourself!!!

I made so many CupCakes this year that I thought I would highlight my favorites! 

The Super Bowl Cupcakes were and are my FAVORITE so far this year. The Arizona Cupcakes were Red Velvet with White Chocolate frosting and the Steelers Cupcakes were Devil's Food Cake with a lemon frosting I dyed to give it the right yellow for the team 
I think the whole setup with the Football field really pulls it together! It was a lot of fun!!

I attempted to make Bakerella's CupCake Pop's, it was quite the adventure! But they came out pretty cute!

Ok so it's not a CupCake...but I think it would have made an AWESOME CupCake and will probably make them for one of the kid's next birthday!

I loved these Red Velvet White Chocolate Valentine's Cupcakes! I LOVE Red Hot's and I thought they were SUPER cute and Red Velvet cake always stays so soft that it was easy to make ahead knowing they would stay fresh til the next day!

If you don't already have a CUTE CupCake stand get one! If you like mine click on the At Home America link on the right to order one!

These cupcakes were made with the Famous Magnolia CupCake recipe! I highly suggest it!! They were PERFECT for our Easter Brunch!

I made these for a friend's daughter's Twilight Party to match the apple on the cover of one of the books! I wish I could find the pic of the CupCakes I made for "M"'s Twilight Party, they had a cherry filling and were frosted white with what looked like bleeding vampire marks...I'm sure I'll find the pic as soon as I publish this post!

I think these CupCakes would be perfect for many different parties! I think I will use them for Teacher Appreciation this next school year!


  1. I love all your creative cupcakes. I'll have to try the Superbowl ones next year. Especially if Steelers are in again-my family are big fans and DH always has a huge party when the Steelers are involved. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love virtual parties.

  2. Wow great work on the cupcakes... love the football ones!

  3. All your cupcakes are amazing - aren't cupcakes great. I had alot of fun making mine and participating in the virtual edition but I really wish I was at Saucy's tutorial in person

  4. How cute and what fun for a Super Bowl Party. I will definitely have to keep that in mind :)

  5. Those look great!! I'll be making my 5th batch of cupcakes this month!! Wow, who knew June was so busy!