Monday, June 15, 2009

Pics of Downstairs!

Ok, much overdo, and other than a little sprucing up in the kitchen this is true to how we live in this house...for now...while we're still setting everything up, but later, the wallpaper and paint should be adjusted to colors more to my style...tomorrow I will try and take pictures of upstairs...

The wallpaper and paint in this room actually makes me queasy

My new dining room table is under there somewhere...

Most people know that I have quite the "potty mouth" at time so I thought this wall was fitting

And here is our crowing achievement! Jen over at Tatertots and Jello had used Chalkboard paint in her kitchen and I loved it so I modified the idea a bit and here it is! Oh and that wallpaper border is coming down as well!

Our next project is to re-finish the table a darker almost black stain

I like this kitchen a lot, but amazingly we still have to much stuff for the cabinets!

Front door from family room 
From front door

From Living Room 

I really have to get some furniture in here!!
I love the french doors throughout the house
Living Room, the curtains are coming down as well as the wallpaper border and new paint
View of the living room. We are still debating over the furniture in this room 
From the Living room door into the family room

View from the kitchen into the family room 

Family Room view from the large windows


  1. Hi E!
    That is such a great house! I love it all. The brick brings so much character. And that chalkboard is so cute! You will be so happy there!


  2. Your house looks like it has great "bones" and the potential to be just the coziest place ever!! Hope you and your family have much happiness and health there!!