Monday, June 1, 2009


So I figure now that I am attempting to get back into the swing of things, I am going to try and get back into the swing of Friend Makin's Monday's! Kasey comes up with really great topics!

This week Kasey has asked that we share tips that make our lives easier...

I only have two...

In our house with as busy as we all are (or were before the move) having my PDA is a life saver! I love my PDA phone I use the calendar like crazy and my contacts list is HUGE!! I will never understand why people have these amazing objects and don't use them to their full potential! In my phone I have a calendar for all the kids and one for "V" and they all merge together so that I can keep everything straight. "V" I love you man, but you have a tendency to forget things that are on the calendar, and so that's what I am here for! I can pull things up on my PDA in a second to include documents, which is always handy when I am in a meeting and I forgot the one piece of paper I left at home, if I've backed it up on my PDA (which I do a lot) then I am good to go!

My other handy tip...may not be exactly what was looking for but Network people!! I cannot say enough about how Networking has changed my life. I don't care if you are a stay at home mom, small business owner or Fortune 500 CEO, Networking works! I have Networked my way into the best hair dressers, doctor's offices, jobs, and parties! There is always a time for networking and as my Mother taught me you can score some incredible deals just by getting yourself out there and networking!

Woo hoo it feels great to be back involved in Friend Makin' Monday's! Life seems like it is getting back to normal...only better!

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  1. So, I am going to comment all three of your last entries in one comment.... #1YEAH for the new macbook, totally jealous over here! Nice job, Dale! #2 Yikes for the sunburn but I can imagine after being in Kansas is was so nice to be at the beach! Hope you guys had a blast! #3 What kind of phone/PDA do you have...I have been considering it but there are sooo many choices out there! I love the handy tips...I am ALWAYS looking for ways to make life easier so I am going to go check out Kasey's tips as well! Glad you guys are having some fun while getting settled!