Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ok, here we go!

So as the few of you who read know we've been very busy the last couple of month's...I figured I'd share a whole bunch of pictures in reverse order of what we've been up to. Enjoy!
Picked up a new fridge and I LOVE it!!!
It's not quite Gaspirilla...but we still had fun! I had no idea Blackbeard was married 14 times! The scoundrel!!

The eye patch makes him look tough!
This hat was apparently hysterical!
This hat was $250 and we were yelled at for trying it on....
My man Abe
My preferred mode of transport...every city should have one!
Thankfully I didn't lose my head
Hung out at the Smithsonian for a bit
Loved this poster/artwork

Super cool view outside our super cool hotel in DC 
We stole Mollie for the day and had some fun in the car!
'M' I think you have a smaller head than we thought!
We love to try on hats!
To cool chicks came to visit!
'A' and his Lochness Monster hat that Grandma brought back from Scotland!
Thank god we took the 15 minute detour to Santa Claus Indiana...this was the most exciting site to see...
We moved across the country...what a very long drive!
'M' really knows how to be dramatic
Some of use have been very tired these last few months!
'M' doing her Long Jumping thing!
Loved the Kayak!
Hang on!!
Crazy Kansas wind, I will not miss it!
She is so very cool!
Thankfully I got to hang with the boys again before we moved!

'A' and his amazing soccer skills...please take note of the plaid shorts (totally not regulation) even better but you can't tell are his checkered socks!

A snugglie and a booklight he couldn't have been happier!
'V' was the big winner

This is how they refrigerate in the Midwest when it snows in April!

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  1. Love your pics, such a cool way to photojournal your adventures. My 2 friends were just there visiting DC also. I love that place! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for stopping by my blog. Aloha, Stacy :)