Friday, June 26, 2009

I just flew in and boy are my arm's tired!

Ok so I didn't fly anywhere but my arms are tired! I pulled the wallpaper border down and painted our living room in anticipation of the new furniture "V" picked out!

Boy was it a lot of work!!

Here's the before of what the living room looked like....

I pulled off all but that little bit of wallpaper "V" is taking arm was killing me!
Here is the room with no wallpaper and the curtains are GONE!

I painted the whole room was A LOT of WORK!! But I finished in one day!!

Here's the finished room...
I was really afraid it would be to dark but it came out ok!
I'm going to add a few more deep red pieces just to break up the brown a bit...
Eventually we will also pick up a nicer TV stand...
I really need to stage the mantle a bit more...this may be where I add some more red in...
Since we didn't have any tables for this room I ran out to TJ Maxx and scored this table, lamp, and little red plate and the tray in the picture above on the ottoman for about $30!!
Dale really loves the room and the couch's are very comfortable even though I'm so short my feet don't touch the ground! One room down a bunch more to go!!

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  1. Hi E!

    Wow - it looks wonderful! Such a difference. What a great job. Your home is so wonderful!


    PS - I tried to add you as a friend on FB, but it didn't work.