Monday, March 30, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday's

10 Things I could not live without!

Join in the fun over at Kasey's!

1. Diet Pepsi

2. Honda Odyssey* I LOVE my car!

3. Blogging- I can't go one day without reading blogs or blogging myself!

4. Reading- I love to read...I don't do it as much as I would like to anymore

5. Mafia Wars on Facebook...this is a new addiction and I surprise myself with how much I like it!

6. Entertaining- I LOVE to throw a good party and have everyone over

7. My friends- Lord knows where I would be without my friends...I lead a crazy life and somehow they deal with me!

8. My "O" get's older it get's harder and harder to think that he may not be with us forever

9. "V"- nobody would put up with me and all my "moods" the way you have and you love me more than I may be worthy...I am so thankful

10. "D" "M" & "A" they're my life...without them I would only be half of who I am today!


  1. Great list! I could copy half the things you said and add them to mine (like the dog, friends, family...). Have a great night!


  2. Reading and blogging...very awesome!!! I wish I could find more time to read, sometimes I have to hide out in the bathroom for some peace. Blogging- I am addicted! It's so fun to get to know so many awesome bloggers out there!

    Great list, have a great night!


  3. What a great list! I am too addicted to blogging - but I just love it! I have never heard of Mafia Wars. I'll have to check that out!


  4. I love my Odyssey too!! We got it 2 months ago and I really didn't want a I LOVE IT!!

    Have a great week!