Monday, March 2, 2009

Carpe Diem!

This seemed like a seriously daunting party to decorate for...

I was afraid it could get pretty costly...
Luckily I found everything at a major discount, Goodwill, in the house or I made it...see the 4 plate server...I picked that up for $5 at Dillards!!!
I thought the broken urn was pretty cool!
Loved the cheap ivy!
Getting my hair ready!
Toga Pug!

Amazing food!
I would kill to have all of this food right now...again!
Our friends really looked great!

The Toga get up was surprisingly comfortable...with enough safety pins at least...

Liz living up to the Bacchus standards!
Liz was also the Birthday Girl!

And this Bacon Chris...named for his love affair with bacon...real bacon...not Turkey Bacon....Bacon Chris says Turkey Bacon is not real bacon...I beg to was also Chris's Birthday...I dug the Spongebob Toga!

Our friend Scott who said he was not coming in a Toga and surprised us anyway!
Robert & Kelly trying to play the name that Latin Phrase turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would!!
Group picture! I love the remote feature on my new camera!

I had to take a few pictures of Scott I was so surprised!
Bacon Chris was pretty happy with his Roman Awards...I used these dollar store teacher gifts I found so that everyone could randomly award people for different party faux pas or even costume awards!

Kevin, Doris & Collette! Kevin is home on R&R from Iraq, his wife Collette is super happy to have him home!

Silly Liz!

"V" says she takes the best pictures...I agree!

Goofing off in the kitchen!

Birthday Cheesecake!

Again..Bacon Chris was seriously proud of those awards!

Even Liz picked up a few!

So did Kelly!

Oops, Kevin found the blue icing I used to write Happy Birthday on the Cheesecake!

Liz & I

What's a Toga party without a Roman Rock Band???

Scott even sang!!!

Robert rocking out!

Unfortunately I couldn't get anyone to do a power slide...maybe next time...
Somebody slipped Doris a little LSD ( Lead Singers Disease)


Really into it!

That's just nutty!

I adore these girls!

I will miss them all sooo much!

"V" is such a rockstar

So it was a GREAT night! Everyone had a BLAST! Our next theme is WWII USO. I'm pretty excited!!!! I am already planning my outfit and "V" and I will be practicing our swing dancing!


  1. How fun! What a rockin party! I loved seeing the pictures!!


  2. How fun are you?! I love all of your pictures -- looks like a great time! And I have to agree with Bacon Chris that if it comes from a turkey, it is not really bacon...

  3. What a fun party! The decorations look great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ; )

  4. Awesome partay!

  5. O WOW! So awesome! It looks way more decorated than any of our previous parties! I'm so sad I missed that one. Looks like a lot of fun and I'm glad to see Kelly and Colettes husbands home!! I like how your house is rearranged too! Hmmm, rockband...never would have guessed!

  6. Lead Singers Disease? Tell everyone! Erin has CMJD (Corny Mom Joke Disease).