Monday, March 16, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday!

Head over to Kasey's to join in the fun!

Answer honestly!

What is your blogger name?

When is your birthday?
September 9th

How long have you been blogging?
Off and On for years..

Who tagged you?

Tell me your five most favorite body parts.
1. My that even a body part?
2. My feet
3. My face (typically without a chin or two :)
4. My chest...sometimes...
5. My calves aren't half bad either!

What do you wish most for your birthday?
To head to Ireland..

What color are you nails right now?

Have you had any depressing thoughts lately?
Yes...doesn't everyone every now and again

What’s your plan for the next month?
To get ready for our move and miss my husband once again while he's gone..

At what age did you have your first crush?
I think in Kindergarten so 5 or 6

Have you attended any school reunions?
Nope and I have no desire to

Have you ever passed gas in public and pretended like you didn’t smell anything?
Yes, I like the just walk away method...or if my close friends are around then I will literally stick my butt around a corner and we all laugh

Are you a clean freak?
I wish

What era do you wish you were born in?
The 50's

Are you a vegetarian?

How many pillows do you sleep with at night?
2 under my head and lately one under my leg for this weird pulling felling in my leg

Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?

Do you secretly wear granny panties when your man is not around?
I used to but not so much anymore

What is your ultimate dream job?
I would love to be a event planner

What does your husband do that annoys you the most?
hahah, oh "V" he's perfect, he doesn't annoy me at way....he's just sooooo not annoying....not even a little bit....

ok so I could right a book, but that's because I am easily annoyed..

What is your dream car?
Mercedes G-Wagon

Do you wake up easily in the morning?
No not even remotely...

Do you like hairy men?
Oh gosh no

How about a man with a goatee?
not a heavy one, more of a 5 o'clock shadow than a full-on goatee. (I agree Kasey)

Which would you prefer: a two-hour spa massage, a two-hour Thai massage, or a two-hour foot massage?
Probably the spa massage...please don't touch my feet....

Have you ever wished you had a different name? If so, what name?
yeah when I was younger

What is the most extreme sport you have ever done?
I think paint ball

Do you prefer traveling in Europe or Asia?
well I would say Europe because I haven't made it to Asia...yet

What is your favorite food?
I like all food...

What is your most embarrassing moment while out on a date?
I can't even think of one...I don't embarrass least if I'm embarrassing myself..


  1. Hey E,
    I enjoyed your post and getting to know you a little better! My husband wants me to do paint ball sometime...I think it would hurt too much and my heart races just playing Laser Tag!!

    Wow...Ireland for your b-day...haven't heard of that one before.

    Happy FMM!

  2. it's taken me a while, but i'm getting around to everyone today. my husbands birthday is 9-9, too :)

    have a great monday night!!

  3. I used to go paintballing. It is so much fun. I haven't been in years though.
    I so picked the 50's too. I always wanted to grow up during sock hops and poodle skirts. Happy Days made it look like so much fun.

  4. I am so happy that you couldn't think of an embarrassing moment, because neither could I. You have a super cute blog. I love your dog O. I just love pugs. Hope you have a great Monday!

  5. Hi E!!! How fun that you are doing Friend Makin Mondays! I loved your list! Ireland sounds really awesome - is there a reason you want to go there? And I hope things are coming along with your move.

    Have a wonderful night!


  6. I've been to Ireland once...loved it!

    Stick your butt around the corner and giggle. OH that is so me! Too funny!