Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The ideas just aren't flowing...

So in January I threw "M" an awesome "Twilight" party and pretty soon (August) it will be "D's" 15th Birthday, of course before then we have to move across the country but I have promised him an AWESOME bash! We're trying to arrange to have a lot of family there, and hopefully they will have built up a new friend base in the new area...my only problem is I need a theme...and I am completely STUMPED!

"D" is not an easy kid to plan a Birthday party for...he loves to read, play Golf and of course video games...he's incredibly smart...and maybe just a tad socially akward...but he's compeltely confident with himself and knows and loved that he's a geek (I love it too!)...and I love him more than I can say...

So if you're reading please feel free to stop and send some ideas my way! I have a need to get planning!


  1. You could take either golf or video games and run with that theme. A lot depends on who's coming and what kind of a budget you have. I have some golf parties listed on my site:

    Or it would be really cool to get some large screens and projectors and do a video game tournament. There are especially great ideas floating around for wii parties! Good luck!

  2. A Twilight party?

    My daughter is bringing home 6 of her girlfriends Friday after school to hang out until the big release. I have made them a "Twilight DVD Release Bag" full of goodies including the new Twilight trivia board game. This should be tons of fun, I'll be right there with them the whole way since I'm a Twilight Mom!