Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh where oh where did my posts go???

So I swear I have posts for you! I was ready to post them...but instead mother nature has my anxiety working over time while we sit in sever thunderstorm and tornado watches all day and night..."V" had duty tonight...I'm not complaining he literally hasn't had duty in years and he will be back in about an hour but the house is incredibly quiet once again...this is what it will be like when he leaves again in about a week.

So tomorrow I will take the time to post and post properly...until then I am going to get my ruby red slippers...just in case...


  1. I'm afraid of storms. We don't really have tornados, we've had like 2 in recorded history. But we have lightning! And we have at least 1 death every year! I know that is still a small number - but it still scares me!

    I hate it when my husband is away - it's no fun being alone. Even with kids around - it gets lonely! Good thing you have bloggy friends to keep you company!

  2. Hi there! I'm sorry the weather is being so terrible! I tried leaving you a comment yesterday and it wouldn't go through.