Monday, March 9, 2009

Not really springing forward...

If you were in our home today, you would definitely be able to tell that we have been stricken down with the Daylight Savings bug! Poor "M" has been having more and more headaches again, and today she was out for the count and stayed home from school. The boys are all moving sluggish, and "V" and I are completely pooped. They say you can never catch up from sleep...I'm just hoping I can recover from a lack of it.

This last weekend like every other weekend was packed full of things to do and get done! We had a blast on Saturday night at the skating rink with the kids and our friends, what a work-out skating is! "V" and I did notice though that roller skating music hasn't changed all that much since we were hanging out at the skating rink as kids...we felt young again!

The search for a house to rent in Virginia continues! I have been very lucky to have assistance this time though... usually I am busting butt and scouring the Internet for rentals in our new location...this time I was incredibly lucky enough to "meet" Todd King ( Hi Todd! He sometimes stops by the blog) through an online "group" of military spouses based in the Virginia area. Todd has been an amazing help, I cannot tell you how cool it is to have such great help on the ground. Todd was so cool today that when "V" and I saw a home we may be interested in Todd went over and took video of the home and sent it to us! It was just like being there!!! This is where you see the support network that really comes into play when you're part of the Military family! Todd is a military spouse, his wife is in the Air Force and I can't tell you how great it is to get the support of someone in the real estate business who knows just what you're going through! So if you happen to be in the market for some real estate expertise in the Hampton Roads area I HIGHLY recommend Todd (

Ok so I am off to finish up some paperwork and hit the sack! Hopefully I will find myself nice and recovered come morning!!

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