Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Gorgeous...

Today is one of those rare March days the weather is a beautiful 80 degrees...with an even rarer light wind...this would be awesome, if the girl from our news department didn't just come up and tell us that one of the meteorologists are predicting snow next week, and of course that's not all...apparently this years Tornado Season will be more active than last...this makes me sad and raises my anxiety!

Last June changed my life forever and although I wasn't directly impacted, I was impacted through friends and in my community. I have never ever seen damage like that and the sorrow that came from it was overwhelming. It took a very long time for one of my best friend's to work through losing almost everything, and I was amazed at her strength, but I am happy to be leaving this Tornado prone area, and I hope to get out before anything happens. It's bittersweet as I know I will be worrying like crazy for the friends I will leave behind anytime I watch and see a Tornado in the area...

Don't worry Liz you can call me to track any storm for you!


  1. I might need some tracking down here in oklahoma too! only 6 hours south of you and it was 91 degrees here today. .. HOOOOOTTTT!!!!

  2. We live in the Hurricane zone, but I always wonder how hard it must be to cope with tornados & earthquakes. Hope they pass you all by this year!