Monday, March 23, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

I am late, despite working today (which completely takes away from my blogging time) we've had the CRAZIEST Kansas weather! As much as I love it here, I will DEFINITELY not miss this weather that send me into a complete panic attack all to frequently!

so here goes Friend Makin Monday...give it a try if you haven't yet!

10 Things I am thankful for!


2. My FABULOUS far away family!

3. My FABULOUS friends!

4. My FABULOUS dog!

5. My FABULOUS house! (ok maybe not fabulous but tonight it's keeping me dry and warm!)

6. My FABULOUS co-workers! ( Iswear I have a TON of pics of these guys I just haven’t uploaded them)

7. My FABULOUS life (that I all too often take for granted!)

8. My FABULOUS travel opportunities

9. My FABULOUSness, I am really starting to like me, and I think that's a great thing!

10. My FABULOUS blogging world that I have created to share the ideas, thoughts and craziness of my life!

I feel pretty Fabulous today if you can't tell!


  1. Hi E! What a great list. I loved that picture of you with your family - so sweet!

    Have a super night. Happy FMM!


  2. should I put this : fabulous??

    Love the toga picture- looks like a fun group of friends!!

    Hope the weather gets better there for you!

  3. What a fabulous list!:-) It's so fun getting to know you!

    Have a great night!

  4. What a great list. I have enjoyed getting to know you. You seem to have a lot of fun in life. You also have a great looking family including your very cute dog. Hope you have a blessed day!