Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love reading...

and meeting new people through their Blogs and lately that's been happening a lot! The Blogosphere is one HUGE networking community and it's amazing how quickly my blogroll grows everyday!

Today Kasey over at All That is Good had a post about a 100th Post contest that is going on at a blog I had yet to I popped over and entered of course and then quickly became a follower! I read threw a bunch of the posts and loved it!

So if you get a chance head over Shawn's Blog Seriously and check it out and enter!!!

Oh and since I completely missed my 100th post maybe I should do something cool for my 200th...


  1. Seriously~How sweet are you!

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Great blog!

  2. I've met so many great friends through blogging too! I LOVE Shawn - I'm heading over there right now!