Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Would it be weird to invite the gas station attendant over for coffee?

The kids are really sick of hanging out with me and each other all day. Unfortunately our neighborhood does not seem to have a lot of kids in it, so that's making it even harder. I think it was easier when the kids were younger to introduce them to more people, I mean playgroups make it so easy, but it would be pretty awkward dragging my 15, 13 and 9 year old to a playgroup. I attempted to sign the kids up for swim team here but by the time we got to it the team was already to far into the season and we will be out of town for 2 weeks. I attempted to sign them up for music lessons, but they don't start until September. It doesn't help that they've had such a very long summer with the move.

"V" and I are felling the loss of our social network as well, it's been an interesting move for all of us, and the first time we've all had a hard time getting to know and meeting people. We miss the BBQ's and the crazy parties (see here) and just the ease of being to call up friends to go on different adventures with us, We're a social family and this is definitely not been easy for any of us to get used to.

Thankfully I don't feel completely crazy after talking with another friend of ours who moved shortly after us, they're felling similar, which let's me know I'm somewhat normal, and not quite the neurotic person I feel like I may be portraying to people...

I have decided to draw names first thing in the morning for the giveaway :)


  1. Funny title! Change can be hard but I'm sure in no time you will be back to your normal social selves. If not, I dare you to take the kids to a play group : )

  2. So, I left a comment on this post yesterday , but it didn't show up. :-( But the basic jist was, you'll be rockin' and rollin' with the neighbors in no time!