Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The post where I LOSE my mind! And a thank you!

Let's start with the thank you! Thank you for the great tips on the post below! Both were super helpful and I am definitely printing out that schedule!!

Okay on to my losing my mind! Before we moved I completely forgot to pick up our medical records and so I had to request they be sent by filling out paperwork with the records department of our Army Health Clinic. On July 7th while I was waiting for Dale to finish up with the doctor I filled out the records paperwork. I called today over 2 weeks later to be told there was no record of the paperwork I had filled out and that basically no one had any recollection of me being there. The gentleman who I ended up on the phone with was INCREDIBLY rude and made me feel like I was lying about being up there. I was really ticked! I mean not only was the guy being rude, but now I had wasted my time the first time I was there and "V" or I would have to go back up there to start the process again, and I HATE doing things twice!!! SO to say that the conversation with the guy in charge did not go well is putting it mildly! I couldn't even talk while he continuously told me to calm down and get a hold of myself, ridiculous statements from someone who's doing all of the talking! Oh and to top it all of this was the guy who took the missing paperwork from me in the first place! I hung up the phone and quickly called "V" he agreed that we both needed to go up there together. So I drove the 45 minutes to meet "V" we went up there and "rude guy" was nowhere to be found. Thankfully a very nice woman took our info and started the paperwork for us again. I came home and filled out a comment card complaining about the "rude guy" but praising the nice woman.

I had to go back up there this afternoon for the kids school physicals and when I checked in at the front desk, the very nice lady from records told me she was just getting ready to call me. She had most of our records faxed over from the Kansas Clinic!! Can you believe it!! Why couldn't "Rude Guy" just handled things that way!!! Why if you're the person in charge can you not properly handle paperwork or even give decent customer service after you've messed up??? Shoot an apology for not processing the paperwork in the first place would have been appropriate!

What a day!!! But now I have all of the paperwork I need and the kids can finally be fully registered in school! And speaking of summer over yet??? I love having them home, but since the move has given us an extra 2 months of summer...well let's just say I think even they're ready to go back to school!!

Okay rant all we're off to the beach for an hour and then I MUST go grocery shopping...otherwise it's pancakes for dinner...again...


  1. I hate it when stuff like that happens! Especially when someone acts like I'm lying, and I'm not.

    I just had an incident with a guy at my eye doctor's. For some reason this brand of contact, my right eye lens always wears out way too fast. They're supposed to last 2 weeks, but my right one was lasting 2 days sometimes. When I called to complain and find out why that might be, he bascially told me he'd never heard of that before so I must be lying. Ticked me off!

  2. I'm telling you people kill me!!!

  3. They wouldn't have let you pick them up anyway. They said we had to get them mailed to the hospital, we couldn't carry them.