Wednesday, July 15, 2009

High School...

This morning I took "D" to register for high school. The process was relatively simple, and I was pretty proud that "D" took all of the classes I thought were smart. I am hoping this is the beginning of motivating him to work towards his future goals. "V" and I have always said that we would prefer the kids did not go into the military, not because we don't love this country, but because "V" has been there and we have lived it and although it's not been horrible it hasn't been easy, and I cannot imagine sending any of my babies off to war. That being said last year "D" decided that he wanted to go to the Air Force Academy, and "V" and I relented. For us the Air Force is the lesser of all "evils" ( not that we think any of the services are evil). So I started today talking with him about all of things that need to happen in order for him to accomplish his goals. The one thing I did not tell him was that I wanted him to be a little more self motivating...I think that will be talk I will save after our company leaves.

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  1. That is a milestone! My son starts high school this fall too. I can't believe it!