Monday, July 27, 2009

Adult talk...

Tonight I went to a book club meeting. I had a great time and it reminded what it was like to talk with other adults. I've been forgetting that there are people in the world who I don't need to remind to brush their teeth or yell at to stop fighting...

I went to the library and grabbed a few books on the Virginia Real Estate Exam and Real Estate in general. Both books I picked up look a bit formidable.... we'll see how the reading goes down.

Ok, now if I can get "A" off the computer and into pajama's I may make it to be before 1am!


  1. How nice to get away with adult talk for awhile! And woo hoo - I am so excited for you to get your real estate license. That is so awesome!


  2. I'm glad you made it out last night. It was a lot of fun and can't wait to hang out more often! :)