Monday, July 20, 2009

I missed it...but there's still a GIVEAWAY!

Getting caught up in my everyday life has made me miss the anniversary of when I started this Blog...I knew I had missed it...I even thought about it when the day came but, I wasn't prepared and so like a lot of thing I let it just slip by...but now I am here and prepared to go for it!!

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to Giveaway and well honestly I will only tell you about half of the prize! I want there to be a little mystery...I swear it's good!!!

So for the part I will tell you about...I am going to give away a 1 year (6 issues) subscription to Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade Magazine! I think it's brilliant and has a LOAD of great info...without a ton of advertisements stuck in between!!

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But wait! That's not all... I am also going to send you my dear winner
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I LOVE cupcakes! They're cute and tasty, portable, and so smart or little hands! Plus I swear I can eat 3 cups cakes and not gain any weight (not scientifically proven!) So I would LOVE to send you the Hello, Cupcake Book!!

Okay so those are the 2 things I will tell you about and the other half of the prize is a secret!!! A secret that if you enter into this Giveaway you must BLOG all about once you've received the prize!!! It's that good!!!

These prizes are things I've found in the last year that I really do love, the magazine has improved my cooking skills while keeping me fiscally minded in this CRAZY economy! The Cupcake book, well I just LOVE cupcakes, and I love to make them for almost every event!!! It's been fun to even have "V" and the kids involved in the decorating! And the last surprise well in the last year it's something that I've found but not even mentioned in my blog but it makes me happy!!!

So all you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me about one thing you've found in the last year that makes you happy. It can be a hobby, a product, a recipe, it doesn't matter just let me know what it is and why it makes you happy!!

So go forth enter! Oh and sure I will give you an extra entry if someone say's your referred them, and my lovely follower's will get one as well!

The giveaway will end on July 29th!


  1. I must have that cupcake book! Would be the coolest Mom ever if I whipped up a batch of those bad boys or what?!!?

  2. What a fun giveaway!

    Decorating makes me happy. It's not a new hobby, but I love finding new things and new ways to decorate and be thrifty too.

  3. And those doggy cupcakes are adorable!!

  4. Okay, if I don't win I am going to have to buy that cupcake book! The cover is awesome! Oh, and gardening seems to be high on happiness quotient list, since I just recently discovered that you can actually grow things in your backyard. Who knew?

  5. Oh, I will definitely enter your giveaway... I love what you're offering and for the reasons you are choosing to share it. Thank you!

    This past year I have learned so much... The biggest realization is that I don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. The people around me are all that I need.

  6. How have I not signed up for your giveaway????? I LOVE Sandra Lee and I love cupcakes. Ohhhhhh, pick me, pick me!!!!! How fun. And what a fun giveaway!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  7. I have that cupcake book. I made one of the ideas from it for 4th of July. I still have to post that. But. I'll have to look into that magazine!!