Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some people call it stealing...

Today was a busy, but somewhat productive day! I found another Tuesday Morning store in the neighboring town and it was probably the biggest one I've ever been in. Tuesday Morning is one of those store that drives me nuts. Some of their stuff I feel is outrageously priced, but then when I dig a little I can usually find a this little baby!

And I bet you'll NEVER guess what I paid for it....

Can you see that little red ink on there??? Yep! That's right I only paid $15 for it!!!
The top is loose but no biggie!! "V" said he's all over it and will have fixed up for me this weekend!! YEAH!

I see the original price on there is $230... and well I think they definitely inflate those prices...I'm cheap I would never pay that much for that table!!

Don't forget about the giveaway!


  1. Tuesday Morning is a danger zone for me. So very tempting! There is one right next door to the post office I frequent, and it takes so much self control not to go inside each time.

    Great find!!

  2. That is a STEAL! I know what you mean about Tuesday Morning. It seems like I never find anything good, but I have a friend who finds the most incredible stuff there. I guess I am not patient enough to stop by often enough to find the good deals. Great job!


  3. Awesome deal. I would've grabbed that baby too.

  4. I keep trying to add you as a friend on facebook and it wont do it! Thanks for the nice comment you left on my photography blog!