Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feeling toasty!

This morning I drove my Mother in Law to the airport, she was here for 2 weeks and I'm sure she's happy to get back home to he quiet and peaceful house. The kids and I hit up the water park for a few hours today... hitting up the water park means I sit on my butt reading a book and making sure all of our "stuff" is safe while the kids have all the fun going on all of the sweet rides and having all the fun...I swear I'm not bitter...

Now that our company is gone it is time for me to get down to business, I am going to sign up online for a Real Estate Course, thankfully there is an AWESOME new program for Military Spouses that will cover the cost of training, tests and licensing fees. I think it will be a good fit for me and I do want to concentrate more on the Property Management aspect of the field, but I'm hoping the plan will help me stay around the house a little more for the kids...

Okay only 2 more days until my big surprise giveaway...I have no idea what it will entail or even what I'm giving away... it will be awesome...I think... maybe....


  1. Hi E! Wow - I am so envious of you getting your realtor license. I think that is my dream job! And I would love to sit around in the sun. I swear this summer has been so busy so far! I have a huge fear of water slides, so you wouldn't catch me going down any of those!


  2. What a good idea, especially if the military pays for it. I've thought about becoming a realtor before, just because I love touring houses.

    And sitting on my butt reading is one of my favorite activities.