Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The one where everyone hate's me for getting mad at him before he deploys

The idea that I should walk on egg shells and not get mad at him for any stupid thing he does before he deploys is absolute horse shit! If you're an ass believe me I am the first to call you out as an ass, even if I'd prefer you would not do the same with me. So when my husband said something to my son last night about his weight issue, I lost it!!! I mean let's be real he doesn't do anything productive about it. He comes home every day and goes to bed early or lays on the couch watching TV/playing video games. Call me crazy for thinking that the last thing my son needs is a lecture from his father before he leaves his life for 15 months. I think I have the right to put my foot down on that one, after all I will be the only parent home for the next 15 months. Every aspect of our children's lives will be resting on my shoulders solely, so yes I have a say. NO I don't want to take all of his parental rights away from just because he's leaving but I would like to I don't know take it down a notch, especially when it comes to such a serious issue as our son's weight.

Of course because I jumped on him he said something pretty hurtful to me, if I had said it to him he would bring it back up a million times, but I am just supposed to forget he said it, even though it will be lingering in the back of my mind the entire time he's gone. So no I'm not jumping up and down to chit chat with you right now and no when you call me and say I'm going to be in such and such town all day and there's nothing to do, I know what you want me to do. You want me to plan an entire days worth of activities for you and your friends. Thanks for caring about whether or not I have the time to be your personal assistant all the times I truly appreciate it.

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