Thursday, August 30, 2007

Golden Crickets...

I am literally driving myself crazy! Remember this? Well I've done it again. I officially can't find ANYTHING! Seriously I have lost my keys, the upload cord for my digital camera, paperwork, a book for one of my classes, and probably a couple more things I don't even know are missing yet.

I'm blaming it on the Deployment. In fact I'm going to spend the next 15 months blaming everything on the deployment. Everyone will get sick of it very quickly, it'll be great!

As I was leaving work yesterday I reminded my boss that I would be out for sometime today, he very nicely looked at me and said I could have the whole day off. I hope I'm not fired.

I still haven't heard about the new position at work, but I haven't heard of anyone else being considered so maybe I'll get it by default.

The picture is of this lego like set that Office Depot sent me for work, it's great I want the whole set.

There is a cricket in/outside my bedroom that is keeping me up at night. This just may be the loudest cricket I've ever seen. I can't find it in my bedroom even though my room is minimalistic (is that even a word). When I do find the cricket I hope it's like seven feet long and made of gold so I can sell it on Ebay and it will be worth the 5 days of lost sleep I've incurred.

Is it obvious I'm sleep deprived??


  1. you gotta blame something :P

    OOOOOH I want the corporate zombie!

  2. Yep that's the next one I want to buy, I just want to figure out a way to get them to send them all to me for free :)

  3. I lose everything - constantly - every day. But if my kids lose their homework, or my husband loses his hat, or my brother-in-law loses his phone, I'm the go-to person. I can keep track of everyone's stuff but my own!

    As far as the cricket goes...sprinkle moth ball crystals around the room. You'll be rid of the pesky critter in no time!!

  4. Meg thanks so much for the handy tip!! It worked! I haven't heard the cricket once.