Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Champagne Supernova

I went to the first of many goodbyes I will have to say in the next couple of weeks.

It sucked! Typically in the past when V deployed his pager would go off, he would leave and then he would come 6+ months later, we wouldn't talk to him, there was no big fan fare when he left or when he came back.

Then I thought it was terrible and I was jealous of other wives who got all of those things. Now, I'm not sure I want the big fan fare, maybe the way it was, just him leaving with a kiss and a hug is the way to go.

Watching all of the families crying as they said their goodbyes last night really sucked. I was completely drained afterwards.

The worst part was even though V is leaving he is still not getting home from work until 9:30, so much for spending the last days with your family.


  1. I am drained from reading that - Ugh, I am sorry he has to go. I am sorry you will feel so bad when he leaves, that empty feeling sucks!! I hate this war!!

    Just think - how many months until the election??!! WOOT!!

  2. No shit, everyday I have to remind myself that the election is getting closer and closer.

    What are we doing there????