Saturday, April 11, 2009

Such Genious!

You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for the comments on the last post you all gave me so much to think about...I think that's why I blogged it, in hopes of some "neutral" views!

Ariana- you're right there could be an underlying issue and I think I know what it is, and it will resolved once I move, basically by taking my constant presence out of the picture! Thanks so much for having me think more on the subject!

Caroline- Thanks so much for giving me perspective, I've put myself in her shoes for that particular issue and I can see her need to attack, I had pointed out what I think is a bit of hypocrisy on the subject and so I think it was a defense mechanism, and thinking about that I can understand a little more! And boy did you hit the nail on the head when you said I was vulnerable, I think I am feeling more vulnerable than I have in years!

Jen- I am the queen over analyzing, poor "V" has to deal with so many issues due to my over analyzing, and I need to keep that in mind when I get upset!

Thanks so much ladies, you are all so AMAZING and I am very thankful for your wonderful words!


  1. Happy Easter! I hope you had a blessed day with your family. Is your husband still out of town?


  2. I LOVE hitting the nail on the head! ESPECIALLY the head of someone I don't like! Ha Ha Just Kidding!