Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Moving Chronicles...

Jen asked me how the moving was going...well to be honest it's not...

Like a knucklehead I am working until the day before the mover's come and we move...and "V" has been away for the last month. So needless to say not much has happened in my world to prepare...

All I've accomplished is emptying "M"'s room of useless stuff. I still need to get to the boy's room, the kitchen and I have no idea what's in the attic...AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

Ok on the bright side...we do have the house all rented and ready to go, we have the utilities set to turn off here and on at the new location. I have contacted the kids school to let them know that they will be withdrawn early.

I have so many obligations I still need to finish up here I just don't have time...I am super stressed which I know is normal when moving, but can I just say ARE WE DONE YET?????

Oh yeah and today, 'M" has a track meet, "D" has a Golf Match, and "A" has Soccer...all around the same time..."V" you need to HURRY home!!!

Also as a reminder to myself I need to get pictures of our current home taken for my album of "places we've lived", before everything is packed up!


  1. Ahhhhh, I can't image how stressful that all is! Moving is one of my least favorite things. I wish I lived closer and I would come over and give you a hand!


  2. BUSY BUSY BUSY ~ isn't the story of our life?!!?

    I have given you an award come on over and grab it!