Monday, April 6, 2009

Skipping Monday...

I was going to skip Friend Makin' Monday this week...I have quite a lot that gets me fact I hear that I am a WORLD CLASS complainer, and so because of this there is quite a lot that gets me "FUZZED" up, but a friend of mine recently made me feel incredibly bad about my complaining and so it's made me VERY self conscious...but then I thought about and said forget it I'm doing it here goes!

Head over to Kasey's and join in the fun while getting thing's off of your chest!

10 things that get me "FUZZED" up!

1. People who constantly compete with others... I don't care if your child gets better grades than mine or if your husband makes more money or you have a nicer car...I think that's great and I am happy for you, but I am also happy with me and what I have in my life...

2. Thoughtless people, I feel like the art of friendship is dying and it makes me very sad...I would love to see more people put more effort into their friendships in both giving and receiving

3. every aspect, I am really disturbed with the ignorance I've recently noticed going around me in the's sad and completely uncalled for and even worse that I hear people are passing it onto their children

4. Poor customer service skills...I think this is self explanatory

5. People who give advice they rarely follow, it's EXTREMELY hypocritical and drives me NUTS!

6. Closed off people...put yourself out there sometimes you have to take risks in life...believe me I've been hurt more times than I can count...but I will say the experience in the end has always been worth the risk

7. People unwilling to help themselves...if you need help ask for it or find the answers yourself either way get out there and make your life better...don't just sit and continue to be unhappy!

8. Redundancy....I like to be efficient, I don't have time to to do or go over the same thing a million times, let's just do it once and be done!

9. Homework...seriously, this is torture in my house with all 3 of my kiddos...they are all extremely bright and can do the work, but at home I would love to not have the stress and sometimes fights of homework, I would rather spend the small amount of time I feel like I have with them chilling out and not stressing not really...only at times when I forget what I want to say or can't get to the computer to do it!

Ok all done...hope this makes sense it's late and I tend to ramble when it's late!


  1. Hi E! Great list! Ignorant, hypocritical people are the worst!

    How's your packing coming along? I wish I could come over and help!


  2. Okay...I hate closed off people too. Only because I used to be one. So, I can judge! Now, I am a dang open book.

    And, the people not helping themselves..very true.

    And, the poor customer service skills is so annoying! I find myself realizing the manager should just hire me.

    The thoughtless people thing. OMG, I can write a novel about that. We are all selfish, but, please, at least fake it when you are around me.


    Okay, sorry...this is your post and I am being thoughtless. And, I big appreciation that you did not tag me.... That would have sucked!

  3. Hey there! Great list! I sooo agree on the homework thing! It seems like pure chaos sometimes from the time the kids get home from school until bedtime! And my kids are only in 5th and 3rd grades.

    Have a great Tuesday!