Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things that are bugging me...

  • My husband has not contacted me in a while
  • I have a mouse who shits under my bathroom sink
  • I still have no grass
  • I wish late at night there was another adult to talk to when I'm bored
  • My laundry still isn't done
  • I'm broke as always and there is plenting of shopping I wish I could do
  • Nobody has one the lottery, which means I haven't won the lottery
  • I have to go to work tomorrow
  • I have to wait 6 weeks for the resluts of the pap smear I had today to come back so that I can then go ahead and book my Colposcopy when it shows abnormal cells, can't I just skip the pap after 12 years and go straight to the Colposcopy?
  • My anti-anxiety medicine smells like my dog's breath which in turn smells like poop, which makes it difficult to take

I'm sure there is plenty more, but I can't think anymore


  1. * That booger
    * Mice Cubes. From Walmart. Get rid of mice without killin' em.
    * Me either.
    * Too bad I'm not on 3rd shift anymore...I'd give ya my number.
    * Mine either.
    * Oh I hear ya there.
    * Gee, I haven't won it either, but then, I don't play it.
    * So do I.
    * That totally sucks. What takes so long?!
    * Ask for another one? Cuz well, that sucks ass. So to speak.

  2. you can always email me on gmail and we can chat anytime :)

    If you need an adult ear!!