Saturday, October 6, 2007

Over achiever

Ok so here is what I want to and will try to get done this weekend.

Clean the house

Clean the car

Clean the dog (mouth included, I can't handle the poop breath anymore!)

Get the dog's nails cut

Get my hair cut, and eye brows waxed it's time for a change and my unibrow is just not doing it for me

Get the oldests hair cut, last weekend I got the youngest cut (mohawk) then got home and realized holy cow the oldest looks like crap

Pick up the few groceries I need for the week

Attend the Oktoberfest (I need a touch of Germany)

Finish Laundry

Write two weeks of talk points for my radio bit

That's about it, we'll see come Sunday night how much I get done, this damn internet has some kind of strange hold on me and I'm finding it hard to get out of bed now.


  1. hmmm I need to prioritize my list to do today...ugh hubs has cq it sucks!!

  2. How much of this didja get done? LOL :P

    Sorry I have been MIA lately trying to find the balance :)

  3. Ugh I always hated CQ nights!!

    I'm just getting ready to post what I did actually get done!