Sunday, October 7, 2007

And here's how it goes...

Clean the house-Half asked but it will do, I need to finish my bedroom right now
Clean the car-No, but I did ad the extra seat for the first time since I bought the car last year
Clean the dog (mouth included, I can't handle the poop breath anymore!)-No and he stinks more now :(
Get the dog's nails cut-No
Get my hair cut, and eye brows waxed it's time for a change and my uni brow is just not doing it for me- Yes and I love it, I'm so glad I did it.
Get the oldests hair cut, last weekend I got the youngest cut (Mohawk) then got home and realized holy cow the oldest looks like crap- No he has decided to grow it out again
Pick up the few groceries I need for the week-No, I still need to do this
Attend the Oktoberfest (I need a touch of Germany)-Yes and was definitely not a touch of Germany, it totally sucked!
Finish Laundry-No
Write two weeks of talk points for my radio bit-No, but I need to do it tonight

OK, so I am totally disappointed, this sucks, I didn't get shit done.


  1. Aha. You're doing your lists all WRONG.

    See, what you do is this...when you sit down to write out your list, think of everything you HAVE done over the past few days.

    Throw in the stuff you need to get done occasionally. Just one here and one there.

    Then you go through and put checks beside the things you've got done.

    It looks MUCH better that way!!

  2. Thanks Meg! That's what I'll do next time!