Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No I didn't...

die of rat/mouse bites. And I am victorious!!!! I bought the sticky things and put them everywhere, I even spaced them so that little mouse feet couldn't fit in between because this mouse is that smart. Last night I heard him squealing and I had my son (I'm a wimp) slowly open the cabinet door, because of course I was thinking the mouse was going to jump out and kick my ass, and low and behold there was the enemy with his furry chin stuck to the sticky mouse pad, still alive and I'm sure incredibly humiliated. After I was sent screaming through my house and outside because my son threatened to throw it on me, I slept a lot better, and did not smell and mouse shit, it was great!

The best part is, my neighbor called a few minutes ago and said she saw a gigantic spider on my door and went to get something to kill it, when she came back it was gone... why did I move again??


  1. ding dong the mouse is dead!! Yay for your son helping you out...I would have freaked out!

  2. My throat is actually hurting from screaming at such a high pitch, I really just don't do rodents!