Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I was never a fan of Chucke Cheese

A letter to the mouse in my house (very Seussical don't you think) who is mocking me...

Dear Mouse,

I truly believe you may be some kind of unnatural being, I have tried every way to eradicate you from my house, to include ways that would make my PETA membership canceled.

You laughed at my Mice Cubes (thanks Meg, they were no match for this beast)

The only person who was hurt by the mouse traps was me ( I swear I heard a strange squeaking laugh)

I think you used the moth balls as some form of exercise equipment probably to build up what I'm sure are six pack abs

You seemed to have ate my rodent poison thing that was "guaranteed" to work and you're still cooking

I've sprayed some strange aerosol substance the hardware store gave me everywhere and I believe you must have a Hazmat suit because it didn't effect you one bit.

At this point I would like to propose a deal, if you stop shitting under my bathroom sink and all over the belongings under the bathroom sink, I promise not to drop some kind of incendiary device down the whole you seem to be using to gain access to my bathroom cabinet.

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Erin a confirmed MUSOPHOBIA


  1. The Mice Cubes didn't work?! Wow!

    Did he just slip in, eat the bait, and slip back out again? They can be brats like that. Or did he not like whatever you had in there for bait?

    I used PB crackers, cheesy crackers, globs of PB, globs of squeezy cheese, chunks of cheese, etc.

    It worked really well for me. *shrug*

    Sorry to have helped you waste your money!

  2. ICK! I hate rodents!! Call an exterminator!

  3. Ok, another suggestion. I heard recently that mice really, really don't like peppermint oil. Maybe spray some around under the sink? The worst that would happen is you'd have a minty fresh bathroom with mice, right? LOL

  4. Thanks guys, and Meg you didn't make me waste my money, I'm still keeping them in there, I'm serious when I say this was some kind of genetically altered super smart rat!

    Oh and I will be trying the peppermint oil also!