Monday, October 1, 2007

There's nothing on TV

I've tried to read and usually it's what I love, but lately it's not enough. Actually nothing is really enough right now. I am trying so hard to forge friendships with my neighbors and to meet new people, but I am so distracted it's hard to keep track of conversations, I've noticed myslef being very rude and while someone is telling me something I will break into the conversation and ask a question or say something completely off topic. It's rude and I'm afraid that people will think I'm rude, I'm just so damned distracted, my thoughts are everywhere at once.

I need someone to please come to my house and help me find my Palm Pilot, I don't know where I put it and I think it would help right now.


  1. I always get that way this time of year. As the days grow shorter, so does my attention span. Time to head to the doc for antidepressants! Gotta love seasonal affective disorder. LOL

  2. Gosh, if I'm put on anymore medication my pee will turn rainbow colored, :) At least I'm not alone though!!