Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One year and One Month

I started my job last year a month ago, I finally had my review today.

All in all it was good and I was happy. Apparently I need some help in the organizing department but, hell, I'm doing all of the work for our whole department right now, because the new girl is incompetent so my desk looks like crap. I am being recognized for it and I appreciate it.

I'm still bitter about the incident last month over the other position I wanted but they seem to understand and they thanked me for not letting it effect my job performance.

Long story short, I did get a raise and it will be retroactive to include the month of September. I really need the money right now so I am very thankful!

The picture is of the radio station I work at from our very very high tower!!!


  1. Yay for recognition! Yay for more money!

  2. Thanks!! I'm excited, now I just wish it was next pay day so I can see the money :)